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   Scholarship Applications for 2024 are closed.

Applicants are chosen by a selection committee. The selection committee requires each applicant to submit a biographical record. These factors are considered:

  1. Academics

  2. Financial need

  3. SAT/ACT scores, if available. (TSI will be accepted if ACT/SAT not available)

  4. Teacher and Personal References (Minimum of 2 academic references required)

  5. Community involvement

  6. Personal Essay

Each year, ten to fifteen final candidates, chosen from all applicants, are individually interviewed.


The Foundation currently awards two $12,000 scholarships annually, each paid over four years. Grades and reports of the courses taken are reviewed by the Richardson Rotary Foundation each semester and verified by the educational institution. Students must show that they are carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, maintain a passing grade-point average, attend (and address) one Richardson Rotary Club meeting per year, and suitably represent our community.