Richardson Rotary Foundation
The Richardson Rotary Club established its Scholarship Program in 1983, awarding college scholarships to worthy area high school students. In 1991, to encourage outside support, the Program was incorporated as a 501(c)3 foundation under the name, "Richardson Rotary Foundation."

Q. What is the Program's Purpose?

A. We want to help ensure the future of our community for years to come, by providing financial assistance to worthy students. We hope that Rotarians and non-Rotarians - along with small business owners, individuals, and large corporate givers - will find merit in supporting this effort by contributing to this tax-deductible program.

Q. Who benefits from the Program?

A. Worthy area high school seniors benefit from the Program's grants of financial aid for tuition, student fees, books, and personal living expenses.

You benefit by realizing a 501(c)3 tax deduction. Our government recognizes the value of non-profit organizations and encourages their support by making gifts to qualified charities - like the Richardson Rotary Foundation - tax deductible. You benefit by helping students as they pursue their educations. We anticipate that half of the Program's funding will come from the Richardson Rotary Club with the other half coming from other contributors.

Q. How are scholarships awarded?

A. Eligible students are graduating seniors from Berkner, JJ Pearce and Richardson High Schools. A selection committee requires each student to submit their application, including a copy of their FAFSA SAR. These factors are considered: SAT and/or ACT test scores, class standing, academic achievement, letters of recommendation (three), a statement of educational plans and financial need, extracurricular activities and community service. Each year, around ten candidates are individually interviewed based on a written submission of the above.

Q. Has the Richardson Rotary Club awarded scholarships in the past?

A. Yes. Since 1983, the Scholarship Program has awarded more than $465,000 in scholarship money to area young people. The club currently awards two $10,000 scholarships, paid over four years. To qualify, applicants/finalists/awardees will be required to attend a Texas state-supported college or university. Grades and reports of the courses taken are reviewed by the Richardson Rotary Club each semester and verified by the educational institution. Students must show that they are carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, maintain a passing grade-point average, attend (and address) one Richardson Rotary Club meeting per year, and suitably represent our community.

Q. What do past scholarship recipients say?

A. Charles Grimm, a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin:

"The Richardson Rotary Scholarship provided me with much more than the financial assistance I was grateful to receive, it brought me into a world class organization of charitable and gregarious professionals who took a genuine interest in my personal, educational, and professional development. And now - 10 years since I was awarded the scholarship, I still feel a close bond with the club that sponsored me, and continue to appreciate the warm welcome they give me when I stop by the club to catch up and keep them apprised of my continuing success."

Q. How can I participate?

A. Contact one of our 2022-2023 Richardson Rotary Foundation trustees listed here, or any member of the Richardson Rotary Club. They can answer any questions you may have regarding our scholarship program. If you have or know a student who may be interested in the scholarship program, please contact us:
Ginger Mayo, President
Barry Krause - Secretary
Tim Quilici - Treasurer
Gustave Michaud & Shannon Scripka - Scholarships
Mike Kiik
Jim Otis
Daniel Robb, President of Richardson Rotary Club
Rebecca Poynter, President-Elect of Richardson Rotary Club
Gene Ingram
Help ensure everyone's future by contributing to the Richardson Rotary Foundation's Scholarship Program. We all benefit when worthy students continue their educations!